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RIFE Aussie IBF Tour Edition (Dirty’s Restoration)

RIFE Aussie IBF Tour Edition (Dirty’s Restoration)

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Rife sounds like the name of a fancy Austrian firearm manufacturer. Turns out, they just made a few good putters back in the aughts. 

This particular example has endured a full Dirty’s restoration. The results are spectacular to say the least. The original PVD (nasty work) finish has been blasted away and we’re back to pure 303 stainless.  Finally ya boy torched that head with a whole lot of map gas to produce the most elegant forced patina you ever done seen.

Also peep those grooves on the face!


35” Rife Aussie Blade

black stepless shaft  

Winn blackout 2020 grip

black Rife head cover included

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