Growing the Game with a Welcoming Voice in Albuquerque, NM.

Dirty’s isn’t a lifestyle brand, it’s a brick and mortar story harvested from the hearts of two kids who came up on the golf course — making trouble at every turn.

Golf taught us patience, work ethic, social skills, and presented us the realization of our talent. Golf doubled as a babysitter and drivers education. Golf was our vehicle for experimenting with drinking alcohol and smoking pot, and also what paid for college. Golf is how we learned front teeth don’t grow back, and that white belts and plaid shorts need to stay in 2005. Golf was family time. Golf taught us that momentum beats perfection, most of our problems are just intrusive thoughts, and everyone improves their lie when they think nobody is watching.

Dirty’s is an opportunity for us to continue pushing the boundaries of the culture within the golf space. Golf belongs to everyone. Anyone should feel welcome to bring their own identity to the course, and we want Dirty’s to always be a reflection of that. A reflection of who our customers are as people, not just golfers. We hope that our shop, and our products, can become a bridge to the game for many who still feel like they don't fit the prototypical golf mold.